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I've done 2 temp jobs. One was years ago, and it was strictly supposed to be a temp job but they were "Jintropin (Gensci Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.)" willing to take me on after a few months (I was moving away from the area but it would have been a job.)

The other one was recently and I was told when hired that 'we have several "Anabolika Definition" positions coming open in the end of your assignment.' It was a lie because nothing came of it. It was a mess and in the end, I left (I asked them several times over the course of 5 months if there was a job for me or not and was directly lied to.)

I'd go for it but keep your eyes open if it seems like nothing is happening then be wary. Some Testosterone Cypionate Negative Side Effects companies do test you out by doing temp to perm (like my Winstrol 50 Oral first example).

I've worked at almost half a dozen temp to hire positioins over the years. One "Anadrol 50" I wasn't hired after they led me on for over a year. Three I quit before they hired me as I found a better opportunity, and "Oxandrolone Powder India" one I was released after two days as the agency had grossly exagerated my skillset and I wasn't qualified for the job. I have no doubt that had I stayed on at the three positions that I left before I was hired Testosterone Enanthate Nedir on that I would have been hired and in two of the three cases, I would have had a nice tenure with that particular company. (The other one I would have quit either way they had rats in the building, uh, no thanks.)

Whether or not your t t h "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" position works out depends on three things. The integrity of the staffing co that placed you, how forthcoming the client company (where you work) was with the service and how well you do on the job.

If everyone has been completely honest about the situation you will meet their expectations and they will meet yours, If the honesty chain broke down somewhere, either you or the employer may opt out of the situation before you reach the 6 week mark. (If you decide it's not for you, opt out with notice. That should preserve your relationship with the service.)

I have 17 yrs experience in hiring and recruiting the last 5 of which as a staffing agency owner. Our t t h time frame was an agreement between us and the client company. Once the time frame expired the company could hire the employee without owing us any more money. But they didn't have a contractural obligation to hire. Just because they could hire doesn't mean they did. That's where a break down in honesty or communication will hurt the most.

That said however, my experience is in administrative and accounting placement. I'm not sure what the norm is in IT. My advice would be to ask your recruiter exactly how it works with them. You might also ask how many other people they've placed with this company. If there's a history there the service will have a good idea of the client company's track record. And thery should be willing to share that info with you.